Your TV Apps Are Live. What's Next?

You need to get your community to start using the apps! You need adoption.

10 Ideas to Promote Your TV Apps: 

  1. Promote with banners onsite “Download Our Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Alexa apps
  2. Hype the apps in your announcements
  3. Highlight in the bulletin or program
  4. Talk about the apps on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  5. Create a landing page for easy access to download apps
  6. Upload a unique event that can only found on TV apps
  7. Give away a Roku Express Stick or Amazon Fire Stick during a service
  8. Scavenger Hunt! Hide an Apple TV someone on your church property, tell everyone during the Sunday service, and everyone tries to find it (remember to hide it)
  9. Perform a fun skit about asking Alexa different questions (maybe kids asking) and then tell Alexa to enable your new skill
  10. Send an email blast with direct links to the app in their respective stores
Jay KrandaComment