How to Use Your TV Apps?

Think of your tv apps as content delivery platforms for vision casting. They are closed systems, which means less can go wrong and are already hooked up to the living room tv. Simply put, your members only have to hit play to start watching. The best type of content on your TV apps is weekly live services, video messages of the current series, access to the archive of past series, event videos, small group video sessions, leadership training courses, kids programming, and more. If your ministry captures it, there is a place for it on your TV apps!

Next Steps to Getting Setup:

1. Decide your main menu navigation

2. Link your Vimeo Pro account or existing 3rd party CDN

3. We start to build your apps

4. Promote the apps to your community

5. Upload new content weekly

Your TV apps should be a core tool in decentralizing your ministry’s vision!

Jay Kranda