How to set up your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Alexa apps?

Great question! We integrate with Vimeo primarily but work with most content providers. We don’t host your media. We handle all things apps.

The first step is getting your main menu setup. Your main menu is the primary way people with interact with your app. Each of these main menu folders is set up on the Vimeo side of things as CHANNELS. We link each channel, Vimeo Pro account required, to your apps. Once the CHANNEL is added, we will regularly sync with Vimeo. You no longer have to log in to the tv app backend and can handle everything on Vimeo. It’s that easy.

Second, after you get all your CHANNELS setup, the next step is adding a live service. Do you stream your services or maybe some special event regularly? 99% of live stream companies provide an M3U8 link. It’s crucial this URL doesn’t change weekly or monthly, so you don’t have to update the media item regularly. Sometimes streaming providers require you to upgrade to gain access to this URL. We work with Stream Monkey who doesn’t charge an upgrade fee for the M3U8 URL. We recommend setting up an offline message in the form of a PNG graphic or video explaining why there is no live stream. This message would be displayed or played whenever there is no stream happening.

Third, if you are in the package with an Alexa Skill send over your podcast feed and the command to trigger the skill. It’s usually something like “Alexa, enable [ministry name].” Sometimes invocation names are taken, and we have to nail down the best alternative.

Fourth, provide your ministry name and description of the ministry to appear in app stores. Most app stores allow for a short description and a more extended description.

Fifth, send over your graphical items relating to the look and feel of your ministry. Once we have the brand requirements, our team can start to build your custom graphics for each App Store. Don’t worry if your ministry goes through a redesign because we can always update the graphics later. Each store is super particular, so our team will handle any graphical items but will work closely with your team.

Sixth, our team reviews the apps with you and submits to the stores for approval. The start to end process can take four to eight weeks depending on the App Store approval speed time and the timelines of the previous steps. 

Seventh, start to promote your apps to the community. Read this post to learn some creative ideas in highlighting your new stylize apps!

Jay Kranda