Encouraging Your Staff to Think Different

We default to what we know. Most preachers know how to talk to a live audience. If you've graduated from a seminary the last centennial, you are trained to fill a room. The digital revolution has flipped some of this upside-down. Now, you can get more to watch or listen online, but your staff doesn’t always think like that. You don't regularly think that way. Most of us are still working hard at getting ready for the live crowd.

To be clear live events are not dead. I'm not saying that. Sunday morning isn’t going anywhere, but training and other special events could have a place digitally. One way to light a fire under your staff is to start to decentralize events digitally by adding a “Special Events” channel or folder to your TV apps. Give away a prize, like an Amazon Gift Card, to the person who utilizes your digital platforms for training the best. Make it a requirement the staff member has to cancel a non-essential event they were planning on hosting in person, transition the event digitally, and measurement afterward has to show a success. Document all the learnings and train the rest of the staff how to replicate the process.

Start to encourage your staff to approach their planning differently.

Jay Kranda