Decentralizing events with your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku apps

What is the future of the church? We can't answer that question, but I do know many churches are struggling with weekend attendance dipping. That doesn’t mean your church or ministry should take the gas off filling your worship service, but what if you can leverage a new strategy alongside your existing plan of attack. Here's the deal. People have cultural stigmas when it comes to church. The job of the church is to break down those stigmas.

One creative idea in fighting stigmas with the church is canceling a church service and promoting a pop-up church movement. Ask your community if they have any friends that aren’t interested in going to church (spoiler... they do) and host a pop-up service in their home using your new TV apps. Follow up with each pop-up service with a plan to integrate them into your existing location or locations. Maybe one of these pop-ups will be so big it will fuel a new microsite. You don’t have to stop there. Apply the same tactic with future training. Instead of making everyone find a babysitter for your leadership course vision cast for small group leaders to host the event in their homes.

Transform your TV app users living rooms into mini-worship venues! Your ministry's square footage tripled overnight.

Jay Kranda